Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heading a habitual utopia in Florida( On Process )

Contemporary avant-garde architecture and urbanism seek to address societal demand via rich panoply of parametric design techniques. However, what confront us is a new style rather than merely a new set of techniques. The techniques in question, the employment of animation, simulation and form finding tools , as well as parametric modeling and scripting-have inspired a new collective movement with radically new ambitions and values.
Not long ago we witnessed an accelerated, cumulative build-up of virtuosity, resolution and refinement facilitated by simultaneous development of parametric design tools and scripts that allow the precise formulation and execution of intricate correlation between elements and subsystems. The shared concepts, computational techniques, formal repertoires and tectonic logics that characterize the work are formal repertoires and tectonic logics that characterize this work are crystallizing into a solid new paradigm for architecture.
The creative enterprise now rests less with the individual gesture, and instead in the refinement of code-based design methods whose design outcomes oscillate from accidental to the intentional. These new methods clearly intensify the interaction of the designer with the digital model-space, yielding not only one singular designed object but, rather, where each design scheme is now just one instance of multiplicity of possible outcomes.

Investigation through dynamic system as a digital sketching tool.

First step in Penn
Heading to design a habitual prototype in Florida
Studio Critiques: Ferda Kolatan
Winka Dubbeldam-Roland Snooks


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