Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Ceramical Leap

Ceramic Wall

It was probably the attractive ambiguity of combination of two words, ceramic and digital that encouraged me to choose Digital Ceramic course at school of design at university of Pennsylvania. Moreover, It was probably the  sophisticated ornamental and structural usage of ceramic in Isfahan, Yazd and Kashan (cities of Iran), which are the most significant pictures in my mind that attracted me to it. In this course, rather than working with geometrical or simple forms, we push our mind one step to digital parametrical shapes in a way that we can really build it. At Penn, ceramic is known as an underutilized building material with unique properties which its quality could not be found in materials like wood, steel, concrete, etc. Isn’t it a giant leap to modernize the popular technology with current facilities to make it far more amazing? The answer would be positive especially when it is mingled with new applications of 3d printing technology which help us to bring any digital model to the physical world.

Instructor: Jenny Sabin-Penn School of Design
By: Mehdi Alibakhshian - Jenny Trumble

            Pushed In Tehran-Summer 2010
            Collaboration with Ali Honarvar 
            Mahshid Alibakhshian
            Reza Zia
            Hamid Nikkhoo


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