Sunday, September 5, 2010


Our approach seeks to the notion of growing a biological organic shape in an aquarium. As flows of water affect the growth evolutions of the submarine shapes, this simulation system takes it shape through internal and external effects. Internal effects are those which initiate from the heart of system growing up through a distinguished nonlinear random aggregation of components. 
At the micro level, components are the composition of Lamla forms which took their shape through the composition of 4 geometrical 2D plywood plates attached with some concise connective details. They start to branch via the random logic of L-system. Meaning if we consider each connection as A, B and C , connective branches which seek their proper pair to connect under the shadow of external effects. The more growth systems improve, the more it reaches to an invisible boundary which the system starts to be attracted to some surrounded points. These points can be considered as external effects which produce a fluid form at macro level.

                       Apomechanes Workshop - Athens - Summer 2010 
      M. Alibakhshian Iran | S. Koutsourelis Greece | P. Lianos Greece | G. Parodi Italy      


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