Monday, August 29, 2011

Ongoing Research - Nonlinear Agent Base Textured Facade Study

Understanding the process of emergence is important in the study of ecological and sociological systems. My interest is in the simulation of the evolution of complex systems where interactions performed between several individuals at the "micro" level are responsible for measurable general situations observed at the "macro" level. When the situation is too complex to study, it is essential to recreate an artificial universe in which experiments can be conducted in a simulated laboratory where all parameters are controlled precisely. To translate the language of micro biological  researched to the language of architecture, this experiment is directed through the captures of some moment in a dynamic system to be stopped, projected and engraved. It is this engraving process that frozen agents can be projected to a surface which, on its next step, will be contoured that are tectonicly CNCed wood timber. Through this system, I found a new path to simply convey the agents movement to an architectural facade. The exploration was rooted to my Swarm Intelligent course at University of Pennsylvania and was initiated to an alternative for Quest Lab Building Design at NADAAA and is pushed as a second iteration at PCPA.  


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